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About us


KATUNEMO was conceived through different wonderful experiences.

From the exhibitions "30 under 30"; a group of young artists who expressed themselves in different artistic areas to share their experiences.

 "Berkshire Bateria"; where music is a way of moving people, of giving life, light, listening and moving the body and soul.

"Rites of Passage"; a collective of women of color who created art with the purpose of showing the rites and moments of a woman's life in the form of a ritual.


So many different experiences make us create a space where many artistic disciplines can be placed at the same time, where many artists can express themselves as well as llearn one from the other

Being part of an immigrant community immersed in a US society gives this project a different look to go beyond the eyes of the common collective. Finally, coaching, NLP and Psychology form the basis of the project to be able to see heritages, patrons, possibilities and move on to the next level of life, personal growth and artistic careers.


​​We can all be part of  KATUNEMO; a project that unites the possibility of healing, of making art, of creating community, a network of support, resources and opportunities, not only for emerging artists, but also for the members of the community who participate in each activity and interaction. We believe that it is more beautiful and easier to heal and grow together than in solitude.



Katunemo is the perfect combination of two words: Katupyry and Nemohasai

These are words of Guaraní origin, a native language of South America


​Katupyry Means audacious, intelligent and makes reference to art


 Ñemohasäi Means healing

​Katunemo is a space where artists empower and support each other to take our art to the next level. We also seek to transmute energy to encourage and motivate healing through different artistic tools, not only for the artist but also for the rest of the community.


Our purpose is to create community and heal by supporting each other for a free expression of our emotions and thoughts. ​We want to support all artists on the path to being able to develop their art as a means of healing and expression for them as well as for others.​


That's why we created a space where everyone can be a part of it by offering their art to others to heal.


In addition, we offer tools such as personal coaching and digital marketing to reach even further.

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